CoStruct offers a range of services for public, private, & nonprofit clients and partners:


Private Companies & Investors


  • Strategy consulting: Assessment, sparring, and brainstorming for new and existing ventures
  • Market entry support: Opportunity scouting and analysis, partnership development, risk analysis
  • CSR program assessment and concept development
  • Intercultural communication and negotiation support

Governmental & Multilateral Agencies


  • Innovation strategy: Workshops and strategy development for Integration of tech innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable business solutions into aid programs and policy
  • Program development: Conceptualization and implementation of sustainable development programs
  • Program monitoring and evaluation

Foundations & Nonprofit Organizations


  • Innovation strategy: Assessment, brainstorming, and co-development of new international and interdisciplinary projects
  • Development of monitoring, evaluation, adaptive program management, and capacity building systems
  • Partnership development, intercultural navigation, and stakeholder coordination

Our experts offer expertise and networks in the following regions:


In addition to advisory services, CoStruct has conceived and co-founded the following consortium projects and initiatives:

MakerNet is a consortium of tech, aid, and business organizations working to connect technological innovators (makers) to markets. MakerNet’s aim is to make it easier for makers to turn their skills into their livelihoods, and to leverage makerspaces as drivers of local production, job creation, and economic growth in their communities.


BerLink is a consortium of German and Iranian business, technology and entrepreneurship innovation experts working to unlock the potential of Iranian innovators. BerLink develops programs and provides services that connect Iranian tech entrepreneurs and SMEs to partners in Germany; strengthening Iran’s innovation ecosystem and supporting tech startups in emerging or untapped growth sectors.

Die Brückenbauer (‘the Bridge Builders’) is a network of volunteers, CSOs, community groups, and businesses in Germany working on contemporary societal challenges. Die Brückenbauer advance dialogue on and develop practical community and policy approaches to complex problems such as refugee integration and economic stagnation in remote areas of Germany, and build partnerships between nonprofit, public, and private organizations tackling these issues.